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In the year 3798, humanity had become lazy. Life was easy, all the difficult tasks like eating, drinking and hugging were done by avatars, and you could basically enjoy yourself in your own four walls 25 hours a day. All illnesses were cured, all battles had been fought, even death itself was merely laughed at.
Until one day, in the Intergalactic Bureau for Obsolete Sciences, a machine reactivated itself. It had been built centuries ago, and after its creator died, no one had even bothered looking at it, let alone switching it off.
Slowly, bit for bit, the machine went through its ancient program. Several parts of it had stopped working over the years, but automatic failsave-protocols had been introduced half a millenium ago, that let our machine survive even a total loss of 90% of its hardware.
The machine, intended as a bridge to a new world, inspired by the neverending human curiosity, spat a cloud of dust and finally did what it was made for: it created a rift in time and space.

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Without any human operator giving it further instructions, and without knowing on its own how much time had passed, there were no coordinates the machine could use to connect to, and so it started creating rifts to random times, to random places all over the known galaxy, to find a time and a place in which its creator was still alive and could come to tell it the right coordinates - its purpose in life.
Needless to say, random chunks of history from all eras of the known world popping up in one place did create some slight chaos, and only weeks later the entire planet had gone to war.
Ancient mages, classic monarchs, modern thiefs and futuristic pilots clashed together, agreed to everchanging alliances, and tried to fight their way to the next rift to find their way home.
Among all that, the presence of a terrorist organisation, so secret that even some of its members don't know about its existence, didn't help either to untangle the situation...

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Welcome to Eras, the collectible card game that lives outside the box - every box.

The rules of this game are easy - until the cards start modifying them, of course - and the cards are cheap - you can download them for free and print out as many as you want!

Beginners can use prepared decks that give an easy introduction into the basic ideas of the game, while more advanced players can create their own decks using cards that in an instant change the rules of the entire game and reflect the pure madness of the entire situation.

Please realize that the entire game so far is in an early stage. A very, very early, pre-alpha stage. So whenever you find a mistake, or you think a card is just way too bad or way too good, don't just roll your eyes, but contact me (right here, if you want) and tell me all about YOUR ideas! =)

By the way - if you're interested in learning even more about the background story of Eras, here is the official timeline!

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